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Covert Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking Technology based upon GPS systems has evolved considerably since becoming available during the latter part of the 1990's. We are finding more customers than ever now asking for Covert Vehicle Tracking, expecting it to be 100% reliable. Hollywood movies show GPS technology in such a way that misleads people into thinking that it is possible to track a device anywhere at anytime, which is simply untrue. The first of these films was Enemy of the State and more lately TV series such as "24" are pushing the boundaries of expectations even further. This is in spite of the fact that Cruise Missiles can miss their targets!

GPS tracking works on the basis of using signals received to identify the devices location at a particular point in time. To be able to do this the antenna used needs clear line of sight to the sky. Any objects in the way will degrade and distort the information. The location of the antenna(s) are of paramount importance. When a system is installed and the antenna does not have a clear view of the sky problems WILL occur. GPS signals are weak and easily disrupted. Also there are faults in the GPS satellite network constellation and on occasions the satellites report inaccurate positions.

V-SOL have unique and unparalleled experience in working with GPS data. In the late 1990's we assisted Motorola in GPS receiver development and were able to provide evidence of a fault in the NASA's GPS Satellite. With this unique perspective V-SOL dedicated itself to providing the most reliable commercial reporting solutions available. Our expertise in this area enable us to identify GPS errors automatically and recover and report accordingly using "V-SOL's gap management technology"

Any vehicle tracking system that provides reports without indentifying where and when there are GAPS should be avoided. Should the information be challenged and you are unable to verify its accuracy, the system would be discredited rendering it unsuitable.

Often customers think a covert installation is the best type of installation where in fact the opposite is often the case.

V-SOL provide all customers with discrete installations as standard. This type of installation is designed not to compromise the data received.

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