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Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems

Over recent years GPS has become more popular for use in assisting with stolen vehicle tracking. Up until around 10 years ago the most popular systems were based around low frequency radio systems using triangulation from ground stations. Whilst still in use today these type of systems do not provide coverage in remote locations.

GPS tracking can be a better solution for locating vehicles. Insurance companies will often insist that a tracking device must be fitted before offering cover. There are companies that specialise in this area and offer systems that are monitored. These systems can be relatively low cost but have limited functionality.

Where a higher level of security and functionality is required V-SOL tracking systems can be used to assist in the protection of vehicles, their contents and personnel. V-SOL Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems can be specifically tailored to suit your operation and modified according to the day to day circumstances as required. The system can be offered with multiple forms of communication and even multiple antennas when required.

V-SOL can provide customers with complete security solutions including the ability to set up there own secure monitoring stations. V-SOL Tracking technology is the most advanced non military system available.

Our system s are used by Ministry of Defence and other government departments for special and secure applications.

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