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What are Vehicle Tracking Devices?

Vehicle tracking devices are the physical element in a vehicle tracking system. Two types of technology are used in vehicle tracking devices GSM and GPS.

GSM vehicle tracking devices can be made from a mobile phone. The idea is that up to three nearby cell sites provide the triangulation details that allow the position of the device to be calculated. In most instances the accuracy of GSM based location is not as good as a GPS based device and where mobile phone coverage is poor the device can become completely ineffective . The advantage of such a device in built up areas however should not be ignored.

A GPS Vehicle Tracking Device requires a Satellite Receiver. The main advantage of these devices is that they can calculate their position any where on the surface of the planet. Where reliable historic information is required this type of device is by far the best proposition.

The information from a vehicle tracking device can be used in several different ways.

Passive, Active, Historic and Live.

Passive operate on the basis that they provide information only on demand.

Active operate on the basis that they it provides information according to a set of pre determined rules.

Historic operate on the basis that they it stores information for later collection.

Live operate on the basis that they it is available at all times for interrogation.

Vehicle tracking devices can use several types of communications. These are direct connection, short range radio frequencies, GSM via analogue, ISDN, GPRS and satellite communications

Short range RF devices have been used at factory gates to download historic information as vehicles return and also to provide live tracking in a small enclosed area.

GSM in its various forms has been and is used to cover pretty much all types of devices and given the worldwide coverage operates almost everywhere.

Satellite mobile communications are used where there is no possibility of GSM Coverage.

V-SOL manufacture a complete range of vehicle tracking systems in the UK.

Our products utilise GPS receivers for the Location information and multi mode GSM modems for Mobile Communications including voice and other I/O. These systems can be configured to be passive, active, historic,and live, communications can be direct, GSM via analogue, ISDN and GPRS. V-SOL are able to tailor a bespoke solution to match a clients exact requirements.

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