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V-SOL supports the Thames Challenge

Three members of Bedford rowing club are planning to set a Guiness World Record by rowing the entire length of the navigable river Thames.

The challenge set is to complete the 187 miles from Letchdale in Gloucestershire to Southend Pier, Essex in record time. The row is planned to start at 10.00pm on the 16th April 2004 and finish around mid day on the 18th April 2004.

The attempt is a significant challenge: there are 44 locks on the upper Thames which need to be negotiated with the help of a land based support team who will manage the locks with the aid of the local lock keeper. Once into the tidal Thames the team hope to use the tidal flow to help progress down to the wider Thames where the rowers will be required to row against the tide to reach the finishing mark at Southend Pier.

Navigating through the various river traffic will represent some problems, support boats will be involved to help in this aspect as well as providing essentials to the challenge crew.

The challenge team contacted V-SOL to provide a gps tracking device which could be fitted to the main rowing boat. this would not only allow the boat to be tracked and located remotely but would also provide independant verifiable data through the V-SOL system that will be used as supporting evidence for the Guiness World Record attempt.



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