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Heathrow Brinks MAT Multi-Million Cash Robbery
V-SOL Assist Flying Squad (The Sweeney)

The V-SOL Telematics Systems Assists a Flying Squad Successful Prosecution

The Metropolitan Police have written to us to thank us for our cooperation and assistance in the prosecution of Five people. A total of 25½ years imprisonment was the result of the case than concluded after a long investigation.

The data download from a V-SOL vehicle tracking system provided the evidence that, when presented to the accused led them to admit to the robbery.

The V-SOL vehicle tracking system is the only commercial tracking system in the world with intelligent data management technology (Traffic Light ™) This allows us to guarantee the accuracy of the reports. It is for this reason that we are often called upon to assist the police on occasions when vehicles fitted with our tracking systems are involved in crimes.

The money taken in the robbery was successfully recovered


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