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Vehicle tracking used to monitor London taxis and reduce pollution

V-Sol has been working closely with Eco-Power, emission reduction specialists, helping them by tracking vehicle usage and allowing Eco-Power to gain approval for their system in record time.

The Eco-Power system is an emission reduction system for London Taxis which has been approved by the Energy Savings Trust (EST) and the Public Carriage Office (PCO) to meet the new Euro 3 emissions standard for London Taxis following a directive from the Mayor of London - Ken Livingston, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions of ageing vehicles in the Greater London region.

The system comprises of a Diesel Cat and Filter and a patented low pressure EGR System which incorporates a heat exchanger to use the diesel fuel as a coolant. This has the effect of cooling the exhaust gas in the most efficient way (conventional EGR uses the engine coolant which means it does not cool the engine as efficiently). An added advantage is that the diesel fuel is heated slightly which further helps the process in making it burn more efficiently.

The test procedure, which was managed by the EST, required 3 back to back emissions tests at a VCA approved emissions laboratory which had to pass a Euro 3 drive cycle test. The next part of the procedure was to carry out a 10,000 mile durability test. Previously this test had to be conducted over a 6 month period but in order to accelerate the procedure Eco-Power agreed with the PCO and EST to install a comprehensive real time tracking system.

V-SOL installed a state of the art tracking system on the taxi which was closely monitored by the EST and PCO. The system allowed real time online monitoring by giving password protected access to the relevant officials who were able to establish the exact movements of the taxi and therefore confirm that it was covering the 10,000 miles in a normal London Taxi drive cycle in and around London (and not doing laps around the M25 just to cover the miles!)

The PCO and EST were very impressed with the detailed reports and online features that the V-SOL tracking system provided. Eco-Power having completed the durability trial then conducted a further three back to back emissions tests and has now received approval of the system by the

"Eco-Power would like to thank David Isom and the rest of the team at V-SOL for their support with this project and for providing top of the range equipment and excellent customer service," said Dave Davies.

David Isom, Managing Director of V-SOL commented, "The London taxi plays an important part in the capital's economy, for tourism and business alike. Unlike other vehicles, they are built to last, however old vehicles are not currently environmentally friendly. V-Sol is proud to have assisted in the testing of what will be a ground breaking green project.

"By providing continual, real time monitoring, we have helped to prove that Eco-Power is fit for purpose and will deliver the benefits it promises. V-Sol share their philosophy and pride in providing a high quality, cutting edge technology to vehicle systems."

With some commentators seeing vehicle tracking as an Orwellian step, that has a negative impact for use in road charging and congestion systems, it is refreshing to be reminded that such technology can be hugely beneficial in helping vehicles to reduce their impact on the environment. By reducing emissions, monitoring efficiency and correctly tracking vehicles, it is possible to reduce pollution and provide a tangible benefit for everyone.


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