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Mobile Workforce Can Beat the Fuel Duty Rise with Tracking Technology

Rising fuel costs for the mobile workforce can be off-set with the latest vehicle tracking says V-SOL

Britain’s mobile workforce is facing a further financial burden following the Government’s 2p per litre increase in fuel duty, but more efficient management can off-set rising costs according to vehicle tracking specialist V-SOL.

The company, which leads the market in tracking technology, says the latest systems can help improve operational efficiency, reduce fuel usage, and improve performance – all key to business success in an increasingly challenging market.

David Isom, founder of V-SOL says: “In a difficult economic climate the last thing any company with a mobile workforce needs is an additional hike in fuel duty. With oil costs also predicted to be on the rise, those companies who have teams out on the roads – whatever their size - are bound to suffer as a result, particularly in the challenging business environment we currently find ourselves in.

“This is where the latest vehicle tracking technology can make a real difference. We’ve developed the systems far beyond what people expect of, for example, a Tom Tom. What we now have is really sophisticated, touch screen technology that allows companies and employees in the field to manage their operations more efficiently and effectively, reducing their fuel costs and delivering a higher level of customer service.”

The latest tracking systems allow companies to monitor fuel usage; control and re-direct vehicles in the field to help minimise fuel wastage; plan collections/activity to maximise operational efficiency; and with accurate reporting even challenge issues such as speeding and parking fines.

David adds: “With the latest fuel increase companies should be thinking about the future and how they can improve their performance to off-set this and future rises. Good tracking technology will quickly pay for itself many times over, but make sure you research fully what information and control you will really get from a system.”

V-SOL has been supplying live vehicle tracking longer than any other company in the UK, and is the only company to design and manufacture its technology in Britain working with organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, EDF Energy and Goldstar Heathrow.

It has recently become the first company in the World to receive the new BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for all of its operations, and its expert team advises on a wide range of transport management issues.



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