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Telematics Expert Reveals the True Benefits Vehicle Tracking Offers Drivers

V-SOL encourages businesses to communicate benefits of tracking technology to drivers

Leading vehicle tracking supplier V-SOL is urging businesses to demonstrate the advantages that drivers can enjoy through use of GPS technology to ensure that both drivers and management share in the benefits of the system.

David Isom, managing director of V-SOL, says: “A lot of companies face resistance when looking to implement a vehicle tracking system, as drivers feel that the system will make their jobs more demanding, whereas when used to its full potential, the result is the complete opposite – it is only drivers who have something to hide who have any reason for concern.

“There are many benefits that drivers can enjoy from tracking, but in order for any resistance to be overcome, these have to be communicated from the very outset and the tracking technology needs to be implemented to benefit the company as a whole, not just the management.”

To help drivers discover how vehicle tracking could benefit them, V-SOL has put together the following seven reasons:

  • Security – From breaking down to vehicle hijacking and personal safety, with GPS tracking someone will always know the exact whereabouts of a vehicle, so should any problems be incurred it will be quicker for help to arrive.

  • Saves on Paperwork – With a constant record of where the vehicle has been and at what time specified locations were reached, there is no longer the need for drivers to worry about filling in timesheets – these are already done for them and the office will have an instant copy.

  • Improved Communication – Most vehicle tracking systems offer a voice communication function, so that drivers can speak directly with fleet managers without worrying about bad mobile reception. This channel of communication is always available as it is routed through the tracking, which is always on, meaning that companies can make contact regularly, efficiently and at very low cost.

  • Enhances Performance – Without having to worry about logging journey times and confirming locations with the office, drivers can concentrate on getting on with their main duties and become a far more efficient worker.

  • Challenge Parking Fines/Speeding Tickets – Anyone who drives for a living has an increased chance of receiving a parking or speeding penalty. However, in order to dispute these, firm evidence is needed – what better than reliable tracking data that can prove the exact location and speed of a vehicle at any one time.

  • Peace of Mind – While vehicle tracking often has negative connotations of ‘spying’ associated with it, if there should be any illegal activity, then drivers can use the data to their advantage to prove their innocence. Most tracking systems allow sensors to be fitted to vehicle doors, so any incidents of theft of contents will be recorded through the opening of doors – along with the precise time and location.

  • Job Security – Tracking technology has the potential to make any mobile business far more efficient and by default, far more efficient. There are few employers who would resist such a change, so by embracing the technology and being one of the people in the business to help bring about such an improvement it can only reflect positively.

V-SOL has been supplying live vehicle tracking longer than any other company in the UK, and is the only company to design and manufacture its technology in Britain working with organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, EDF Energy and Goldstar Heathrow. It has recently become the first company in the World to receive the new BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for all of its operations.



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