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Pay as you Go Vehicle Tracking – a cautionary tale for business

Any company with a mobile workforce will know the difficulties of co-ordinating their team to deliver the best possible customer service and the most efficient use of time and materials. Just think of what could be saved in terms of fuel usage and man-hours, not to mention the potential to secure more recommendations and repeat business, if your operations ran like clockwork.

While some companies continue to rely on the mobile phone to direct their teams on the road, many more are discovering the benefits of vehicle tracking, but with so many tracking systems on the market how do you ensure you choose the best one to help your company grow and prosper?

A System to help you grow

Consider the latest development - Pay as You Go vehicle tracking. Reflecting the mobile phone market, this system is low cost and sells on price, but we all know the saying - if it looks too good to be true it probably is - and in this case, if you're in business, it really is.

Of course every company wants to run more efficiently and become more profitable, but while pay as you go tracking providers may try to convince you of the cost savings of their systems, the truth is that they will never give you the real control, insight and data you need to make a positive impact on your business performance across the board.

Some companies have tried it, but quickly found that if you need an effective business tool that will help you grow and develop your operations, no pay as you go solution will ever deliver for you - and then it just becomes a waste of money.

Consider this.

For any company debating the pros and cons of tracking systems, the best piece of advice is be sure to look at the complete picture. After all, how many businesses would get pay as you go phones for their staff?

To help, V-SOL Vehicle Tracking offers its top five tips to help choose the right vehicle tracking for your business -

1) Assess your business's operations, current requirements and future goals - in short understand where you are, how you are performing, where you want to get to and what improvements you need to make to get there. You can then look carefully at the information you need to reach these goals before investing in a tracking system to help you get there.

2) Get some proper advice - don't base your selection of a tracking system on a quick flick through the Yellow Pages. Instead make sure you talk to a range of companies to get a real insight into what they offer and the quality of service they deliver. You should also ask if you can speak to some of the other companies the tracking provider works with - this way you can make sure they can deliver on their promises.

3) Don't shop on price alone - while price is a factor in any decision, other factors such as reliability, accuracy and depth of reports should be far more influential in ensuring a solution that positively impacts on your business. If the data your tracking technology produces is proved to be inaccurate, or you can't generate the information you need, any expenditure will be wasted.

4) Look at tailored solutions - a tracking system that is tailored to your business doesn't need to cost significantly more, and can give you access to information that will influence decisions and operations across your company for years to come. Be sure to find out about this option and question the provider on exactly what can be achieved.

5) Quality counts - there's no point investing in a tracking system if it's going to break down at the end of week one, and your provider's back up service takes another week to try to help. Before you sign any paper work, be sure that the technology you're using is going to last - look for companies who have the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation across their products and service and get a full understanding of their support and expertise.

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