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V-SOL GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

V-SOL GPS vehicle tracking systems provide true real time, live GPS location and tracking, throughout the UK and across Europe. V-SOL systems have been developed specifically to provide commercial, logistic and fleet tracking solutions.

V-SOL is the only vehicle tracking system manufacturer in the UK that can take advantage of ALL forms of communications. This allows for the fastest connections possible whilst providing truly unbeatable running costs. Our tracking and location solutions start from just 50p per day.

  • Save £££'s on fleet vehicle fuel costs
  • Increase fleet efficiency
  • Provide improved security for staff and assets
  • Helps deliver business and customer service improvements
  • Instant vehicle location and route replay
  • Tailored reporting to match your business requirements

Our fleet tracking solutions provide Advanced Vehicle Telematics, including Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL),Real Time, Live vehicle tracking, Data Transfer and messaging at its best. Suitable for cars, vans, PSV, HGV, trailers and heavy plant.

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Real time vehicle tracking for commercial fleet logistics and mobile workforce management.

"Response times and productivity have improved considerably since we started using the V-SOL system"
Barry Cook - Director, Roalco Ltd

"We have always prided ourselves at Chiltern on the efficiency and quality of our service and the introduction of the V-SOL vehicle tracker system is already making it possible for us to work even smarter and deliver that little bit extra to our customers."
vehicle tracking case study
Paul Jackson - MD, Chiltern Cold Storage and Distribution Ltd

At the heart of the system is GPS, an incredible technology that provides independent postioning and timing information. Information from this system is captured, analysed and distributed along with other complementary data. GPS is a key part of V-SOL technology.
How GPS Vehicle Tracking Works.

We are often asked to provide covert vehicle tracking for companies who wish to have discreet installation for a number of reasons. Installing a GPS tracker system covertly can be problematic, it is not impossible but there are issues to be aware of when considering a covert tracking system.

A popular use of a GPS vehicle tracking device is to track stolen vehicles. If you are looking for a UK manufactured solution that provides a high level of protection we have a great deal of expertise in stolen vehicle tracking.

To find out more and talk to one of our specialist staff please call us free on 0800 093 9034 or fill out the contact form and we will send you the information you require.

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More emphasis on KPI’s and proof of attendance and timings are being asked for by many customers. The V-SOL GPS location and tracking system is able to provide this via a new add-on that allows contracts to be reported upon.

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